Paragraph Cultural Assault

Culture is all about the special traditions, beliefs, art, lifestyle, and how people in a certain place or group come together. It's like their own special way of doing things. This includes things like language, music, ideas about right and wrong, how people work and have fun, and even the things they make and use. A society's culture shows us what they're like as a group. People act differently based on who they are, where they come from, and where they live. These differences in how people act are called cultural differences.

Different places and groups have their own cultures because what's okay and normal in one place might not be okay in another. Let's say, in some Asian countries, it's nice to stand close to someone when you talk, but in Western countries, that might not be a good idea because it could make people uncomfortable. When foreign cultures start to influence a native culture too much, that's called cultural assault. This can happen more easily now because of things like the internet and TV.

Our Bangladeshi culture has been affected by other countries' cultures, but we can stand up to it. To stop too much of another culture from coming in, we need to be strong about keeping our own culture alive and making sure our cultural things keep growing.
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