Paragraph Étiquette and Manner

To be a whole person, it's important to have good and nice behavior that others like. "Etiquette" and "manner" are two words we use to talk about how we act around others. The word "etiquette" comes from French and means the right ways to behave in a group. "Manner" means acting nicely according to the customs of your group or culture. Etiquette and manner are really connected. They help us judge how good someone's attitude and behavior are. Both etiquette and manner are a big part of how people are and how they act. What you know and how you practice these behaviors make up your personality. So, it's good to learn etiquette and manner when you're young. Families are where we first learn these things, and our parents are our first teachers. Also, the people around us and schools can help us learn. Since etiquette and manners are different in different groups and cultures, learning about them also means learning about different groups and cultures.
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