Paragraph Flood, A. Common Natural Calamity in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country that often faces many natural disasters almost every year. It's like these natural problems are regular friends of the people living there. That's why people call Bangladesh a place where natural disasters happen a lot. Some common natural problems are floods, strong winds called cyclones, not enough rain called droughts, land being worn away called erosion, and too much rain. Among these, floods happen the most often. Usually, floods come in the months of 'Ashar' and 'Shraban' when there's a lot of heavy rain. These floods can be really bad, causing many lives to be lost and things to be damaged. Farms, streets, roads, and even houses can end up underwater. This makes life really tough for the people affected. They lose their homes and become very helpless. They have to find safety on roofs of houses, trees, boats, and big walls to keep the water out, called embankments. Their problems don't go away even after the flood is over. After the flood, not having enough food and getting sick can happen, and this takes away many lives. Just last year, a really strong cyclone called SIDR hit the southern part of Bangladesh. It came with a big wave called a tidal bore. This cyclone destroyed many houses and things that people owned.
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