Paragraph Folk Music

Folk music is a type of music that many people like all around the world. It's a common thing in almost every country. In Bangladesh, lots of people really like folk music. Folk music is the songs that regular people sing. It has been passed down from generation to generation for a really long time. People all over the world sing these songs. They're like songs that everyone knows. These songs usually follow a simple pattern. In our country, folk music is sung by a group called 'baul' singers at different times, and they sing with a lot of passion. They use traditional musical instruments. Folk music is about different things like spiritual ideas, nature, and deep thoughts. It tells stories about simple and rural life. Folk songs sometimes make people feel sad because they talk about sad things from the past. But they also have happy parts. Many people in our country still gather in the evenings to sing folk songs on their porches. They use homemade instruments and people come to listen. Our folk music is something we're proud of because it's really good art. To keep this special music alive, we need to always remember how important it is.
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