Paragraph Food Adulteration

Food adulteration is when something harmful is added to raw food. This can make the food bad or even poison people. Bad things added to food can be other kinds of food or things that are not food, like chemicals or colors that can't be eaten. Doing this to food is a really bad thing. Some dishonest business people do it. They don't care if others get hurt. They mix bad chemicals with food to make it look nice. Sometimes they use chemicals to make the food stay fresh for a long time. For example, they might put a bad chemical called formalin on fish so they don't rot. They also use dangerous pesticides that are not allowed, like DDT and others, in milk, fruit, and vegetables. This kind of bad food can make a whole country very sad. People who eat this bad food can get very sick with diseases like cancer, kidney problems, and heart diseases. It's like being poisoned slowly. If lots of people eat this bad food for a long time, many of them can die. The government should make rules to stop this bad thing from happening. And if someone breaks these rules, they should get a very big punishment.
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