Paragraph Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination means treating men and women unfairly and differently. People have various reasons for treating boys and girls unequally. Some people believe that girls are not as strong and are a burden. They think girls are not useful and don't contribute much. They also believe that girls can't help earn money for the family. People might think spending money on girls' education is a waste. They also believe that once girls get married, they will go to their husband's family and do household chores. On the other hand, people think boys are more capable and can earn money for the family.

In our country, gender discrimination shows up in many areas like food, education, housing, clothing, and healthcare. The consequences of this discrimination are very serious. Girls often suffer more from malnutrition and anemia than boys. This makes them more likely to get sick and even die. They start feeling like they are not as important as boys, and this feeling stays with them throughout their lives. They also don't get to make decisions in the family and have to do what their husbands want.

To get rid of gender discrimination, we can do a few things. We should make sure girls get a good education. People should stop interpreting religion in ways that promote discrimination, and guys should stop having narrow-minded ideas. If we do these things, we can create a world where there's no unfair treatment between boys and girls.
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