Paragraph Globalisation

People often talk about 'globalization' these days when countries work together. It's like making a huge market without borders, so trading stuff happens all over the world. This affects many parts of life. We have fancy technology and fast ways to move around, so the world feels smaller. We can instantly know what's happening super far away and get to other countries really quickly.

Imagine the world is like a village with lots of families (countries). They can share good times and bad times, just like neighbors. If one family has trouble, others can quickly help out. But, here's the catch – globalization mostly helps rich countries make even more money, not the poor ones. Fancy, developed countries promise to help poorer countries and give them jobs. But they also want to make a lot of money from this.

So, the rich countries end up using the poor countries' workers to do jobs for less pay. It's like a strong, big business taking advantage of people who don't have much. This makes the gap between rich and poor even bigger. It would be nice if rich countries helped fix this, but they probably won't. So, we can see that globalization isn't completely good for poor and developing countries.
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