Paragraph A Moonlit Night

When the moon shines at night, we call it a moonlit night. It looks really pretty. The world around us also looks really nice. Even the animals and birds enjoy this kind of night. People leave their houses and have fun on these bright nights, especially when there are no clouds. They go outside and have a good time on the streets and open spaces while enjoying the beautiful nature. Some people play musical instruments in the fields, and others sing songs. Even kids and women come out to see the moonlit night. They get really excited and amazed by how beautiful everything looks. People who write poems, like poets, write about the moonlit night. They use their imagination to talk about it. Regular people also try to write poems when they see such a wonderful sight. A famous song by Rabindranath Tagore, "Chander Hashi Bandth Bhengechhe," makes us think about a moonlit night. I remember a moonlit night when I visited my village during my summer break. But, you know, a moonlit night is just super duper beautiful.
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