Paragraph My Best Friend

People can't live all by themselves. They really want to be with others. I also have some friends who keep me company. Right now, I have three friends, and out of them, Ruhullah is the one I like the most. There are a few reasons for that. I like how he's sometimes proud but also calm, how he's really good at things, how he cares about others, and how he shows a lot of love and kindness in a special way. He's really good at helping people. He gives his blood to help others, and he encourages them to do the same. Even though he's sensitive, he can also think clearly. He feels happy when people treat him nicely, but he gets upset if someone bothers him. I understand his feelings a lot, so I'm always careful not to upset him or make him mad. But sometimes he wonders if I'm being fair or not. Overall, we're getting along well up until now. I think our friendship will last a long time, even though we come from different places. He's from Jashore, and I'm from Sirajgonj. I hope he changes a bit in some ways, and I believe that if he's a little patient, he'll become really successful.
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