Paragraph My First Day at College

The first day of college is a new experience in a new place. It makes you excited and happy. The first day of college is also about joy and having fun. You feel proud to be at college for the first time. Everyone has different feelings about their first day. I felt differently about my first college day. I woke up early, got ready, had breakfast, and put on new clothes. I rode my bike to college. When I arrived at the college, I was really excited. The bell rang, and all the students sat down. It was calm and quiet. Our English teacher introduced himself and started teaching in English. I didn't understand and felt nervous. Then the Principal and other teachers came into the class. The Principal talked briefly and introduced the other teachers. After that, they left, and the English teacher taught us something interesting. Later, the Bengali teacher came and taught our class. He was funny and made the lecture enjoyable. There were some differences between my school and college. College was bigger than my school. Teachers seemed more knowledgeable and wise. The campus was beautiful, with modern facilities, and classmates were friendly.
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