Paragraph Pahela Baishakh/Bangla New Year

The beginning of the Bangla New Year is called Pahela Baishakh. We celebrate this day with traditional festivities that have been going on for a long time. The first event of the day happens at a place called Ramna Batamul, organized by a cultural group called 'Chhayanat'. In villages, people arrange old-fashioned games, plays, and cultural events all over the country. People who own shops start a special type of bookkeeping called 'halkhata', and in the cities, people celebrate this in a suitable way. They wear traditional clothes and take part in cultural events put together by different groups. People walk together in a colorful parade, holding decorations, signs, posters, and banners, sometimes wearing masks. Young people seem to enjoy celebrating this day a lot. They say "Happy New Year" to each other, and they join in with bands playing music and dancing. But, for the people of Bangladesh, this day is really important and has a big meaning.
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