Rahela, a Worse Victim of Gender Discrimination Story

Rahela lives in a village with her Muslim family. She's waiting for her HSC results, which is like a big test. She really wants to go to a University after finishing this test. Her dream is to become a teacher and help young students learn. But her parents are old-fashioned and have different ideas. They don't think girls should go to school – they believe it's a waste of time and money. Instead of letting her study more, they plan to get her married. This means she won't be able to study anymore.

Once Rahela gets married, her life changes a lot. She spends her whole day doing household chores at her new family's home. She doesn't have time to think about her dream of becoming a teacher. Her focus shifts to taking care of her husband and his family. She has to make the best meals for the men in the family. She can't talk loudly when they're talking, and she can't go outside without her husband's permission. It's like she's living a restricted life.

When Rahela has a baby girl, she gets even more worried about her child's future. She doesn't want her daughter to go through what she's experiencing. She decides she's going to make sure her daughter becomes a teacher one day. Rahela is determined to do everything she can to make this second dream come true. With this goal in mind, she starts raising her child.
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