Seasons of Bangladesh Composition

Bangladesh has different types of weather throughout the year. There are six main seasons in Bangladesh. These seasons are summer, rainy season, autumn, late autumn, winter, and spring. Each season has its own special features.

The first season is summer. It happens during the months of Baishakh and Jaistha. Summer brings very hot weather. The sun shines very strongly, and sometimes it's too hot to do anything comfortably. The heat makes ponds and canals dry up. People in villages have a hard time finding enough drinking water. During this time, diseases like cholera and typhoid spread quickly. We can see ripe mangoes hanging from trees in this season.

The next season is the rainy season, which takes place in the months of Ashar and Sraban. During this time, the sky is often covered with clouds and it rains heavily. People need to use umbrellas when they go outside, and the roads become slippery. Fishermen catch a lot of fish during the rainy season. People also go to the market to buy a fish called Hilsha.

Autumn comes after the rainy season, in the months of Bhadra and Aswin. The sky is blue during this time, and sometimes there are clouds floating around. However, there is no rain. It's the time when jute is prepared for sale. Hindus celebrate their Durga Puja festival during this season.

Late autumn occurs in Kartik and Agrahayana. There is dew on the grass during this time, which looks like pearls. It's when rice plants are ready to be harvested. The weather is not too hot or too cold during this season.

Winter follows in the months of Poush and Magh. Cold wind comes from the Himalayas, making the trees lose their leaves. People feel very cold, and the sky becomes clear. Poor people suffer a lot from the cold, but there are plenty of fresh vegetables available. In villages, people can also get date juice.

Lastly, there is the spring season, which happens in Falgoon and Chaitra. This is considered the best season of all. The days are warm and trees that looked dead come back to life with new leaves. Flowers bloom everywhere, making the whole place colorful and beautiful. When spring ends, a whole cycle of seasons is completed in Bangladesh.

In this way, the different seasons come and go, making Bangladesh a country full of beauty, variety, and plenty of changes throughout the year.
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