Suppose, you are Kashem. You want to buy a book. Write a dialogue between you and a book seller about buying book

Book Seller: Good evening. May I assist you? 
Myself: Certainly. I'm in search of two books. 
Book Seller: What genre of books are you interested in? 
Myself: They are primarily novels. 
Book Seller: Alright. Do you have specific titles in mind? 
Myself: Yes, I do. I'm looking for 'Ghora' and 'Ghore' 'Baire'. 
Book Seller: Yes, we have those. Here they are. 
Myself: Thank you. 
Book Seller: Would you like to explore more books? 
Myself: No, that'll be all. 
Book Seller: Thank you. Please visit us again. 
Myself: Thanks to you too.
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