Suppose, your close friend, Rupak, wants to go to his village to educate the illiterate villagers after his SSC examination but you want to complete a three months long English Language Course. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend Rupak about these matters

Myself: Good morning, Rupak. How are you doing?

Tanveer: Good morning! Thanks, I'm doing well. How about you?

Myself: I'm also doing well. Have you thought about your plans after the SSC examination?

Tanveer: Yes, I have. I want to go back to my village and educate the illiterate villagers. What about you?

Myself: My plan is a bit different. I'm considering enrolling in a three-month-long English Language course.

Tanveer: Oh, that's disappointing to hear. I believe we have a responsibility as students to fulfill our social duties.

Myself: I understand, but you know I struggle with English.

Tanveer: Yes, I know. However, you'll have enough time to improve. It's essential that we start fulfilling our social responsibilities now.

Myself: You're right! You've opened my eyes. Thank you, Rupak.

Tanveer: You're welcome. Let's support each other in this journey. Thank you too.
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