The 21st February Paragraph

February 21st is a special day for us. We call it Mother Language Day. It's a day marked in red on the calendar because it's really important. In the history of Bangladesh, something big happened on this day. Back in 1952, some brave people gave up their lives. Why? Well, they wanted our language, Bengali, to be respected. It's like when you really care about something and are willing to do something big for it.

Now, this day is not just important for our country but for the whole world. It's called International Mother Language Day. You know, sometimes there's a story behind things. Like, in the past, our country was part of another place called Pakistan. The people in charge there wanted everyone to speak a language called Urdu, but we really loved our own language, Bengali. So, the people here said "no" to that idea.

On the 21st of February in 1952, students came together and walked in a big group to tell everyone that our language matters a lot. But something sad happened. The police didn't understand and they hurt some students. Some students even lost their lives. It was really sad, but because of what they did, Bengali became the official language.

Every year on this day, we remember what happened. People get up early and go to a special place called Shaheed Minar. It's like a monument to remember those brave students. People bring flowers to show that they still care about what those students did.

So, this day is something we're proud of. It's a day to remember how important our language is and how people can come together to stand up for what they believe in.
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