The Honest Wood Cutter Story

Once upon a time, there was a man who cut wood in a village. One day, while he was chopping wood near a river, his sharp tool for cutting wood, called an axe, slipped from his hand and fell into the deep river. The man didn't know how to swim or dive, so he sat there feeling sad because he couldn't get his axe back.

But then something magical happened. A very pretty fairy appeared right in front of the woodcutter. She asked him why he was so upset, and he explained his problem to her. The fairy felt sorry for him. She dived into the river and came back up holding a special axe made of gold. She asked the woodcutter if it was his axe, but he shook his head, meaning "no."

The fairy dived again and this time brought up a shiny axe made of silver. She asked the woodcutter if this one belonged to him, too, but he again said "no."

Finally, the fairy dived into the water once more and brought up the woodcutter's original iron axe. The man was overjoyed to see his own axe again. The fairy was very happy with him because he had told the truth. She rewarded him for being honest by giving him the gold and silver axes as gifts. This story teaches us that being truthful and honest is always a good thing and can lead to nice rewards.
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