The Wisdom of King Solomon Story

People from all around the world knew King Solomon was a very strong king. They were all amazed by how quickly he could think and how smart he was. The queen of Sheba heard that the King could answer any hard question right away. She had an idea to test him. She made two garlands – one with real flowers and one with fake flowers. She went to King Solomon and said, "Oh wise king! I have these two garlands for you. They look the same, but only one is real. Can you pick the real one?" The garlands were on a table near a window. The king looked at them quickly and opened the window. There were bees in his garden by the window. He saw some bees fly into the room through the window and land on one of the garlands from the queen of Sheba. This helped him easily know which garland was real and which one was fake. The queen cheered, "Hooray for our wise king!" She said, "You truly are the smartest king in the world."
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