Unity Is Strength Story

Once upon a time, there was an old farmer who lived in a certain village. He had four sons. These sons really liked to argue and fight with each other all the time. This made the house very noisy and made the old man very worried. He thought that even after he passed away, his sons would keep arguing and end up ruining themselves. As their father, he didn't want them to experience the negative effects of fighting while he was still alive.

So, one day he called all his sons together. He asked each of them to bring five sticks. When they got the sticks, he tied them all together into a bundle. Then he handed this bundle of sticks to each son separately and told them to try to break it. They all tried really hard, but they couldn't break the bundle. Then the old man untied the bundle and gave a single stick to each son, asking them to break it. This time, they were able to break the single sticks easily.

Afterwards, the father asked his sons what lesson they learned from this demonstration. The sons said that if they stayed divided and fought with each other, they would be weaker, and it would be easy for enemies to defeat them. From that point on, the sons stopped their quarrels and began to work together, living in harmony and unity.
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