Who Will Tie Bell in the Cat's Neck Story

Once upon a time, there were some mice having a nice time in a barn. The owner of the barn got upset because the mice were eating all the cereals. So, the owner decided to bring in a cat to solve the problem. However, the cat didn't know what to do at first. The mice had been living in the barn for a long time, so they had made it their home. They knew how to take care of things and live comfortably.

When the mice started eating, the cat began getting ready to catch them. The mice were strong and united, but they were scared of the cat. The cat's presence disrupted their cozy life. They felt worried and started thinking about what to do. Whenever the cat entered the barn, they hid themselves. Then, they had a meeting to figure out how to deal with this problem. One of them suggested putting a bell around the cat's neck. This way, when the cat would come near, they would hear the bell and run away to safety. Everyone liked the idea, but then they faced a new question: who would be brave enough to put the bell on the cat?
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