Witty Sadi Story

Shaikh Sadi was a really great poet. He liked to wear simple clothes. Once, he stayed at the home of a rich man. The rich man didn't know who he was and treated him like a regular person. Without telling anyone who he really was, the amazing poet left the house the next morning.

The rich man didn't recognize him, even though he had heard about how famous Shaikh Sa'di was. After a few months, Shaikh Sa'di went back to the same house to spend a night on his way home from the court. But this time, he was wearing fancy royal clothes. When he got to the rich man's house, the rich man welcomed him warmly. He treated the poet in a special way, thinking he was an important person, although he still didn't know who he really was.

The poet wondered why he was being treated so differently now. He realized that it was because of the clothes he was wearing. So, he decided to teach the rich man a good lesson. He took the food that was given to him and started putting it into his pockets. This surprised the rich man and his friends. The rich man asked, "What are you doing, sir?" The poet replied, "I'm saving this food for my clothes." The rich man understood his mistake and asked the poet to forgive him for his behavior.
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