Metro Rail in Dhaka । ঢাকায় মেট্রোরেল । Paragraph-Writing

Metro Rail in Dhaka.

Metrorail is like a super-fast train that runs on tracks elevated above the ground. It's also called a speedy travel system. Think of it as a big metal and concrete structure built high up next to the road. Dhaka, which is growing really quickly, is getting one of these. The plan is to make traffic jams go away in Dhaka city by building the Metrorail. They're working on it in two parts. The official name for this plan is Month Rapid Transit, or MRT for short. When Line-6 of this Metrorail opens, it can carry 60,000 people in an hour. This will help folks get around Dhaka faster. It might even save around two hundred billion rupees each year! That's a lot of money that can help our economy grow even more. But while they're building it, Dhaka's people are having a tough time with traffic. This happens because of all the digging and building work. People are patient though, because they know this trouble is temporary. They understand it will bring a lot of good in the long run, like saving time and making life comfy. The Metrorail is like a gateway to a modern and cozy future.
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