A Sly Fox and a Foolish Crow । একটি চালাক শিয়াল এবং একটি বোকা কাক । Completing-Story

Once upon a time, there was a clever fox and a simple-minded crow. One day, the crow, with its black feathers shining, spotted a delicious piece of meat and grabbed it with its beak. It flapped its wings and flew up to a high branch of a tree, hoping to enjoy its meal in peace.

As the crow settled on the branch, feeling victorious and hungry, a sly fox happened to pass by. The fox's sharp eyes didn't miss the sight of the juicy meat in the crow's beak. The fox's stomach rumbled, and it knew it had to come up with a clever plan to get that meat for itself.

The fox looked up at the crow and greeted it with a smile. "Oh, dear crow," the fox said in a sweet and flattering tone, "you are such a magnificent creature! I can't help but wonder if your voice matches your beauty. Would you do me the honor of gracing me with a song?"

The crow was taken aback by the fox's praise. It had never been called magnificent before. The crow felt its chest puff up with pride, and it couldn't resist the opportunity to show off its vocal skills. Clearing its throat, the crow began to sing, its voice echoing through the forest.

As the crow sang, the fox's eyes glittered with cunning. It had achieved what it wanted. While the crow was lost in its song, the fox carefully approached the tree and waited for the perfect moment. Just as the crow finished its song, the fox swiftly snatched the piece of meat from the crow's beak with a quick leap.

The crow was shocked and devastated. Its beautiful song had been used against it, and now it was left with an empty beak and a lesson learned the hard way. The fox, with the stolen meat in its mouth, grinned at the crow and said, "Thank you for your melodious gift, dear crow. Your song will forever be music to my ears."

The crow felt a mix of embarrassment and anger. It realized that its own vanity and the fox's cleverness had led to its loss. From that day on, the crow never let pride get the best of it and learned to be cautious of flattery from sly creatures like the fox. And as for the fox, it enjoyed a satisfying meal that taught the crow a valuable lesson about wit and humility.
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