A Kind Lion and a Grateful Mouse । এক দয়ালু সিংহ এবং কৃতজ্ঞ ইঁদুর । Completing-Story

Once upon a time, in a big forest, there was a lion taking a nap. All of a sudden, a small rat showed up. The lion didn't even notice the tiny creature. The rat was having a great time, running around and playing joyfully. By chance, it ran right over the lion's face, which woke the lion from its sleep. Naturally, the lion got really mad. It grabbed the rat and said angrily, "Hey, little thing! How dare you disturb my rest! I could easily end your life!" The rat was scared and quickly responded, "Please, mighty lion, if you were to harm a small creature like me, you wouldn't gain anything from it. I beg for your forgiveness this time." The lion felt a bit of pity and decided to let the rat go. "Fine, I'll spare you. But remember, you owe me now," said the lion. The rat promised, "I'll repay your kindness if I ever get a chance."

The lion chuckled and remarked, "You think a tiny creature like you could ever help a big and powerful lion like me?" As time passed, the lion found itself trapped in a hunter's net. The lion struggled and roared, feeling helpless. Hearing the lion's desperate roars, the rat rushed to the scene. The rat said, "Hold on, sir! I'll save you." Using its sharp teeth, the rat gnawed through the net and freed the lion. The lion was overjoyed and exclaimed, "Thank you, little rat! You've saved my life. Now I truly understand that even the smallest beings can provide valuable help to the bigger ones." The rat smiled and said, "See, I told you I'd repay your kindness someday." And from that day on, the lion and the rat became great friends, always helping and looking out for each other in the vast forest.
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