Our School Library । আমাদের স্কুলের পাঠাগার । Paragraph-Writing

A school library is a place where many kinds of books, magazines, and other reading materials are kept for people to use. It's like a treasure trove of knowledge. Our school has its own library, and it has lots of good books. We don't only go there for studying or getting ready for tests, but also to relax and read for fun. The library is on the second floor of the school building. It's a big room with good air circulation. Inside, you can find books about all sorts of things like stories, history, science, business, and geography. Each student gets a special card that lets them borrow two books at a time. We can keep the books for a week. Everyone has to follow the library's rules. It's a quiet place where you can concentrate. Our school library is super useful for learning new things. They even keep daily newspapers there for us to read. Every school should definitely have a library.
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