A Fire Accident Story

Jolekha works in a big clothes-making place. Lots of people work there, more than five hundred. One day, like usual, she was busy working. Then suddenly, she heard a noise. It was because something went wrong with the electricity and caused a spark. This news spread quickly among the workers, even though they didn't know if there was really a fire. All the workers started to run to the only exit of the place. There was just one way out, and it was through some stairs. Everyone tried to get out quickly, which made things really chaotic. About ten workers got hurt really badly, and sadly, two workers died. Jolekha got hurt too, but luckily not too badly. It's strange that there was no fire, just a false alarm. Because everyone rushed down the stairs, some workers fell and got hurt, including Jolekha. This all happened because a young worker made a joke and shouted "fire, fire." The other workers believed it and rushed out, and that's how this terrible accident happened.
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