A Mysterious Phone Call Story

It was nighttime. I was getting ready for an upcoming exam. Everyone in my family was asleep. Suddenly, my phone rang, and the number was unfamiliar. I got scared, but I still answered it. I tried to talk to the caller, but they didn't say anything. I asked, "Who is this?" several times, but they stayed quiet. I decided to ignore the call, but then they called again. My heart started beating faster. I answered. At first, the caller didn't say anything. Then, with a mysterious voice, they told me, "I know you. I'm your childhood friend. You've forgotten me, but I haven't forgotten you." After saying that, the caller turned off their phone. I tried calling back, but their phone was off. They didn't tell me their name or how we knew each other. The strange call messed up my concentration for studying. I couldn't prepare well for the exam. I couldn't sleep either because of the weird call. When morning came, I tried calling them again, but their phone was still off. I felt really worried. I talked to my close friend Rafiq about it to feel better. He told me, "If she really knows you, she'll call again. So, don't stress." His words made me feel more at ease.
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