An Old Lion And The Cunning Fox Story

Once upon a time, there was a very old lion. He realized that he was too weak and tired to hunt for food. So, he went back to his home, feeling sad and knowing that he might not live much longer. When he reached his den, he had a hard time breathing and spoke slowly and quietly. He told others about his condition.

News about the lion's illness spread quickly in the forest, and the other animals were worried. They came to visit him one by one to show their respect. But the lion had become clever with age. As each animal came close, they became an easy meal for the lion. He got fat from all the animals he caught.

One day, a smart old fox came to visit the lion. He saw that another fox had been caught by the lion just before him. The fox realized what was happening and decided to teach the lion a lesson. He went back to the woods and gathered all the animals there. He told them about the lion's tricky behavior.

The fox had a plan. He went to the lion's den and told him it was safer and more comfortable to stay inside. Tricking the lion, the fox managed to get him into the den. Then the fox came out and told the other animals to roll a big stone in front of the den's entrance. The animals did as the fox said, sealing the lion inside.

The lion was stuck in the den and couldn't get out. He didn't have any food, so he started to starve. After a few days, the lion was very weak. The fox visited the den and told the lion to stay there and face the consequences of his cunning tricks.
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