E-mail to about the negative effects of drug addiction

To: shamim007@gmail.com
From: altaf_uddin11@gmail.com
Sent: January 22, 2018, Monday 7.00pm
Subject: Concerning the Bad Effects of Drug Addiction

Hey Shamim,

I hope you're doing well, thanks to God. I think your new year's classes have started, and you've got your books. I'll be sending you some money soon for your reference books. Get ready to study and face the new challenges with hope and inspiration. 

As the new year begins, I want to talk to you about something really important – drug addiction. Getting hooked on drugs can be super dangerous. It might even lead to death. And it's not just about you; this harmful habit can tear apart our family too. I know you're not the kind of guy who'd fall into this trap, but I still want to remind you: stay far away from any kind of drugs, even if you're curious. Because if you start using drugs, it can take you to a world that's really hard to escape from. Your body will ache, and you'll lose your appetite. Slowly, you'll become physically weak and mentally unsteady. Getting better from this illness is really tough.

So, please be extra cautious from now on. Focus on your studies. This is an important time in your life, and once it's gone, you can't get it back. Also, don't forget to take care of your health. Listen to your teachers and follow their guidance.

Take care of yourself, little brother.

With love,
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