E-mail to your neighbour requesting him to stop playing music in high pitch

To: rocky_fg@gmail.com
From: asif_98@gmail.com
Sent: -------------
Subject: Request to Lower Music Volume

Hi Rocky,

I hope you're well. I wanted to talk about something that's been bothering me. My little sister is unwell, she has a fever. Although it's not too serious, we're not sure how it might develop. The doctor has suggested that we keep things as calm as possible around her.

Here's the thing: she's very sensitive to noise. Even the smallest sounds can disturb her, especially during the night. Unfortunately, for the past three nights, she hasn't been able to sleep because of the loud music playing from your place. Some other neighbors have also brought up this issue as it's causing noise problems during the night in our area.

I understand everyone deserves their leisure time, but I would kindly request if you could lower the volume of your music system, radio, TV, or DVD player during the night. This would really help us get some much-needed rest without disruptions.

I appreciate your understanding and consideration.

Take care,

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