Look Before you Leap Story

Once upon a time, there was a mommy crocodile who really wanted her four kids to learn things. So, she went to a clever fox and asked him to teach her children. The fox was happy to help. The mommy crocodile thought the fox talked nicely, so she gave him her children to teach.

But that tricky fox was not so nice. He actually wanted to eat the crocodile's kids! So, he ate one of them and kept the other three hidden. After a whole week, the mommy crocodile came to the fox to see her children and ask how they were doing. The fox said the kids were learning really well and were very smart. The mommy crocodile was happy and believed the fox's words, so she went away.

But guess what? The fox was sneaky and ate another kid! The mommy crocodile came back, and the fox showed her one kid twice, pretending there were still four. The mommy crocodile felt satisfied and left. Next week, when she came back to check on her kids, only one was left. The fox did the same trick again, showing the same kid four times. The mommy crocodile felt happy and left, thinking her kids were all there.

Sadly, when the mommy crocodile came back after a week, her kids were all gone. The fox had eaten them all. The mommy crocodile looked everywhere for her children, but she couldn't find them. She finally understood what had happened, and with a very sad heart, she left the jungle forever.
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