Paragraph on Computer

A computer is like a super cool thing made by smart people. It helps us do lots of stuff and is a big help to people. It's part of how we live nowadays. It's like an electronic friend that can save, think about, and show information. A smart person named Charles Babbage made the first modern computer. A computer has three important parts: the brain part (central processing unit), the input part (where you put things in), and the output part (where things come out).

Here's how it works: First, it gets information. Then, it thinks about the information. Finally, it shows the information. The brain part is like the boss of the computer. There are two types of computers: one is kind of like looking at smooth hills (analog), and the other is like counting with numbers (digital). A computer can solve lots of problems really, really fast. We see computers everywhere now, helping in everything we do. They make life easy and cozy.
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