The International Mother Language Day/ The Shaheed Day/ The 21st February || Paragraph

February 21st is a special day in Bangladesh's history. It's also known as Shaheed Dibash. This day remembers a significant event called the 'Language Movement,' which played a part in our fight for freedom. Back in 1952, brave people from our country gave up their lives because they wanted to protect our mother language, Bangla. At that time, leaders from Pakistan said that 'Urdu' would be the main language in East Pakistan. But the Bengali people didn't agree from the start. On February 21st, 1952, students from Dhaka University held a march, and the police shot at them. People like Rafiq, Jabbar, Salam, Barkat, and others were killed. Since then, the 21st of February is a day to remember these heroes. On this day, we visit the Shaheed Minar monument, go without shoes, and place flowers there. We wear black badges and sing a song called "Amar Bhayer Raktay Rangano Akusey February." Bangladesh Betar and different TV channels show various programs. Different groups also arrange events on this day. In 1999, UNESCO decided to call this day the 'International Mother Language Day.' Since then, it's celebrated all around the world. This is a big accomplishment for our country.
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