The Wolf and the Crane Story

Once upon a time, there was a wolf who lived in a forest. He caught a lamb and started eating it. While eating, a bone got stuck in his throat, causing him pain. The wolf didn't know what to do. He saw a crane by a stream, who was searching for fish.

"Hello there, Mr. Crane," greeted the wolf. "Could you help me out? I have a bone stuck in my throat and it's hurting a lot. Your long, thin bill might be able to remove it. I'm willing to give you anything you want in return."

The crane felt sorry for the wolf, thinking he was truly unwell. Wanting to assist, the crane said, "Sure, open your mouth wide." The crane carefully inserted its long bill into the wolf's mouth and successfully pulled out the bone. With the bone gone, the wolf was relieved and ready to leave.

"Can I have my reward now?" asked the crane. 

"Reward? You're asking for a reward? You put your bill in my mouth, and I didn't eat you or harm you. Isn't that reward enough?" replied the wolf.

The crane became frightened for its safety upon hearing this response. Without wasting any time, it quickly flew away in fear.
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