What is Email? Types of Emails

An email is like a digital letter that we use to talk to others. People know email is a way to talk. It's like writing letters, but on the computer. Email rules are like letter rules. So, no one way to write emails. We write them in different ways.

Here's how to write emails:

1. Put a good title.
2. Make parts in the message.
3. Keep it not too long.
4. Big letters for important words.
5. Watch out for periods and commas.
6. Know when to write formal and not formal emails.

This is a good way to write:

1. Your name and where you live.
2. The date.
3. Where you send it.
4. The title.
5. Say hi.
6. Write the stuff.
7. Say bye.
8. Your name.

Emails are fast. We send them for personal, work, and business stuff.

What's an Email?
Email is talking on a computer. People use it for school, work, and fun. The email changes depending on what you want to say.

Kinds of Emails
Two types of emails: one is like a business letter, the other is more relaxed. The business one is for school or work. The relaxed one is for friends.

Email Parts

1. Not long.
2. Say hi formally or not.
3. No need for date.
4. No address, just email.
5. Don't write all your address.
6. No need for your name.
Business Email

Used for school or work. Remember:

1. Write the email good.
2. Make the title short.
3. Use good words.
4. No short words like "it's."
5. Say why you write.
6. Start with "Dear Sir" or "Dear Madam."
7. Say bye like "Yours truly."
8. Add more stuff if needed.


You want to join a club. Email the boss like this:

To: akramhossain@yahoo.com
Subject: Joining the ICT Club

Dear Sir,

I'm in class eight. I like ICT and want in the club. I added the form.

Please say I'm in.

Class IX
Roll no.05

Relaxed Email

Used for friends and fun. Remember:

1. Write the email right.
2. Just a small title.
3. No big words.
4. Short words like "it's" are fine.
5. Say why you write, quick.
6. Say hi with "Hello."
7. Say bye with "your friend."
8. Add name if you want.
9. Add stuff if needed.

Informal Email

Used with friends, family, classmates. Also, for inviting many people to parties. It's not one type, but these things are the same:

1. Put email good.
2. Small title.
3. Not serious words.
4. Short words like "it's" are okay.
5. Quick why you write.
6. Say hi with "Hello."
7. Say bye with "bye" or other nice words.
8. Add name if you want.
9. Add stuff if needed.
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