What is Sport to One is Death to Another Story

Once upon a time, there was a little pond where many frogs lived. Some of these frogs liked to stick their heads out of the water and make loud sounds, kind of like singing. One day, a group of boys was having fun near the pond. When they heard the frogs singing, they thought it was interesting, so they started throwing small rocks into the water. They found this really fun and exciting.

The frogs, though, didn't like this at all. They felt scared and some of them got hurt by the rocks. So, all the frogs quickly went underwater to hide from the rocks. But the boys didn't stop there. They stayed near the pond, waiting for the frogs to come out again. When the frogs finally popped their heads above the water, the boys started throwing rocks again. This time, they hit many frogs really hard, and sadly, a few frogs even died.

One of the older frogs, who had seen a lot in its life, finally spoke up. It raised its hand and said to the boys, "Hey there, boys! Please, stop this mean game. Those rocks hurt us a lot. Could you please not throw them at us?" The boys replied, "We're just playing around and having fun. Why should we stop?" The old frog explained, "What you think is a game is causing death and pain for us. That's why we're asking you to stop."

Hearing this, the boys felt embarrassed and sorry. They realized that what seemed like a game to them was really hurting the frogs. So, they stopped throwing rocks, feeling bad about what they had done. They walked away from the pond, understanding that their fun wasn't worth causing harm to others.
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