Informal Letter/Letter Writing Writing Rules । Informal Letter/Letter Writing-লেখার নিয়ম

What is Letter Writing?

A letter is a way people communicate in the modern world. When our close family members or friends live far away, we use letters or envelopes to send messages back and forth. Additionally, letters are still important for different purposes, starting from government and non-governmental tasks to business transactions and communication.

Informal Letter Writing Rules:

When writing a letter, remember these points:
- Different types of letters follow specific formats and structures.
- Each letter is divided into several parts based on a certain pattern.
- These parts are divided into roughly 6 sections.
- Here are the main sections:

1. Heading of the Letter: This goes on the upper-right corner of the letter. It includes the writer's address and the date. For example:
   16 Shantinagar
   Dhaka 1217
   27 February, 2020

2. Salutation (Greeting): This is written a little below the heading on the left side of the letter. How you greet the recipient depends on your relationship with them. For example:
   - To parents, siblings, and close relatives: "Dear Father/Mother/Brother/Sister..."
   - To close friends: "Dear Friend/Hasib/Sharaf..."
   - To someone you don't know well: "Dear Sir/Madam"
3. The Body of the Letter: This is the main content of the letter. It starts just below the salutation. You can write one or more paragraphs depending on the points you want to convey. Avoid unnecessary information.

4. The Subscription (Goodbye): This comes right after the main content of the letter. It's the closing part that indicates how you're saying goodbye. The language of the subscription varies based on your relationship with the recipient. For instance:
   - To parents: "Your loving son/daughter, affectionately yours..."
   - To friends: "Yours sincerely, Yours lovingly..."
   - To people you don't know well: "Yours faithfully, Yours truly..."
5. The Signature of the Writer: This is placed right below the subscription. Use your full name in most cases, except when writing to very close family or friends.

6. The Superscription (Recipient's Address): This is written on the envelope. Include the recipient's full name, title, and address.

Tips for Informal Letter Writing:

- Keep the language informal, like you're talking to a friend.
- Remember the 6 sections of the letter format.
- Begin with a warm greeting in the introduction and end with a friendly goodbye in the conclusion.
- Avoid adding unnecessary details.
- Don't forget to address an envelope with the recipient's and sender's addresses, and include a stamp.

Remember, letter writing is like having a friendly conversation on paper!
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