Write a letter to your mother telling her about your progress of studies । আপনার পড়াশোনার অগ্রগতি সম্পর্কে আপনার মাকে একটি চিঠি লিখুন । Letter-Writing

Dear Mom,

Hi there! I got your letter this morning. You're curious about how my studies are going. It seems like you're really concerned about my upcoming test. No need to worry at all. I'm happy to tell you that I've been working hard on all my subjects. I'm doing well in Bengali, English, General Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Religious Studies. I had a bit of trouble with Higher Mathematics, but my teacher helped me understand it better. I'm practicing with past exam papers now, and I'm feeling confident. Whenever I face a problem, I reach out to my teachers for help. My English teacher is impressed with my progress in English. So, don't be stressed. Just keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I'm hoping to do great in my upcoming SSC exams.

That's all for today. Sending my regards to Dad.

With love,

* Draw an envelope and write down the full addresses of the sender and the receiver.

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