A Cleaner Composition

A cleaner

A cleaner is a person who picks up trash from different places. He wakes up at five o'clock and walks along the streets of our area to get the trash. People in our neighborhood put trash in plastic bins and leave them in front of their houses. He goes from door to door to collect them. Sometimes the bins are very dirty and they smell bad. He doesn't mind.

He takes everything out of the bins and puts them in a big plastic bag. He believes that all jobs are important. He works hard to keep this area clean. If he stops working for a few days, the whole area will become a big trash heap.

People will get lots of trash in front of their houses. He is an important person, and we must help him with his work as much as possible. A cleaner leads a simple life, even though he does very important tasks for our good living.

Even though he does so much for us, we do nothing for him. But people should recognize a cleaner's job and give him respect.

In this matter, both the government and people can step forward to improve a cleaner's life so he can serve us well. So, we all should improve his life.
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