A dialogue between you and your classmate about the wonders

Myself: Hello, Mong Pru, what are your thoughts on the wonders?
Mong Pru: Hi, Nira. Truly unbelievable they are.
Myself: Mobile & computer, two noteworthy inventions. They play a grand role in our lives.
Mong Pru: Absolutely correct. By the way, do you own a computer?
Myself: No. However, occasionally, I utilize my father's laptop. I engage in games, watch movies, or browse the internet.
Mong Pru: Is that a luxury?
Myself: Oh, no! It's not a luxury at all! Anyway, what's your opinion on mobile phones and spacecraft?
Mong Pru: Well, I always wonder how this tiny device works without any cable and accomplishes so many things! It's a fabulous surprise for us, isn't it?
Myself: No doubt about it! But what about spacecraft?
Mong Pru: After reading the article, I must say it's a miracle.
Myself: You are right. I'm thrilled just thinking about all of these.
Mong Pru: So am I.
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