A Farmer and A Donkey Story

The story is about a farmer and his donkey. The farmer thought he was smart. He would take heavy things for his owner to a market on the other side of a river. One day, the donkey decided to cross the river by walking through the water. But he got to a really deep part. He had to swim. Luckily, he was carrying bags of salt that day. The salt mixed with the water and made the load lighter. So, he easily crossed the river. He felt really good about himself. He decided to do the same thing next time.

But the next day, the donkey was carrying a load of sponges. When he got to the river, he tried to walk through the water again. But this time, the sponges soaked up a lot of water and became heavy. The donkey couldn't handle the weight and drowned in the river. Even though he thought he was smart, he was actually not very smart. Because of his lack of smarts, he died.
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