A Farmer Paragraph

A Farmer's Life
A farmer is someone who does the work of farming. In Bangladesh, the life of a farmer is quite tough. They inherit a small piece of land and usually can't read or write. They don't know how to properly take care of their land using modern methods. They only have a couple of oxen and basic tools they've made themselves. Many times, they don't have enough money to buy seeds, fertilizer, or chemicals to protect their crops from pests. This means they can't grow enough food for themselves and their family. They struggle to use their land well.
A farmer wakes up early in the morning, goes to their land, plows the soil, plants seeds, and removes weeds. They come back home around noon, eat their meal, rest a bit, and then go back to their land. Farmers are born into poverty. Sometimes, they borrow money from lenders. If they can't pay back the money, they might have to sell their land. A farmer's success depends a lot on nature. If they have a good harvest, they feel very happy. But if their crops don't grow well, they become very sad. Their family might not have enough to eat. Their life is quite difficult. Even though they work hard, they can't have a comfortable life. They're always worried about not having enough. Their life is all about trying hard to survive.
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