A Fisherman and A Fish Story

A Tale of a Fisherman and a Fish

Once upon a time, there was an elderly fisherman and his wife who lived in a small house by the sea. The fisherman would catch fish using his net, while his wife spun thread. This was how they spent their days. 

One day, the fisherman went to the sea with his net as usual. He cast the net into the water, but when he pulled it up, it was full of mud and nothing else. He tried again and this time, he pulled up some grass. On his third attempt, he caught a fish. This fish was special – it had a beautiful golden color. The fisherman was overjoyed to see it. However, just as he was about to touch the fish, it spoke to him. "Kind sir, please release me and let me go. I promise I will grant your wishes."

This surprised the fisherman greatly. He asked the fish to ensure he would never want for anything again. He released the fish and returned home. When he reached home, he was amazed to find a grand house with all sorts of comforts. He shared the story with his wife, but she was greedy. She wasn't content with what they had received and urged her husband to ask for more from the fish.

Reluctantly, the old man returned to the seashore. With tears in his eyes, he called out to the golden fish. The fish appeared and asked, "What do you desire, kind sir?" The old man struggled to express his wife's wishes, but he managed to explain. The fish listened, but this time, it didn't say anything. It simply flicked its tail in the water and disappeared beneath the sea.

Feeling defeated, the old man walked back home slowly. When he arrived, he was shocked to see his wife sitting outside their old hut, with a broken wooden vessel by her side.
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