A Fisherman Paragraph

A fisherman is someone who catches and sells fish to make money. Usually, a fisherman lives near rivers, big canals, marshy areas, or oceans because it's good for his job. He lives with his family. He works really hard during the day and night. He spends a lot of time making and fixing his fishing nets, taking care of his fishing boat, and coloring and painting it.

Most of his time is spent fishing in rivers and the sea. Sometimes he goes far out into the deep sea to catch fish, and this worries his family because they're concerned about him coming back safely. He faces dangers while fishing. He doesn't have a radio or motor boat, so he can't hear weather warnings. This makes it risky for him to return to land safely.

Life is tough for a fisherman. He doesn't have many nets or boats of his own. Getting loans is not easy for him. He becomes really happy when he catches a lot of fish. A fisherman does a lot of good for us by giving us fish to eat. So, just like a farmer, a fisherman plays an important role.
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