A Foolish Crow and a Cunning Fox Story

Once upon a time, there was a crow sitting in a tree. It had a tasty piece of meat in its mouth. Underneath the tree, there was a hungry fox searching for something to eat. The fox saw the crow with the meat and got an idea. It looked up at the crow and said, "You have such a beautiful voice! Why aren't you singing? I'm sure you could sing better than other crows." The cunning fox hoped to trick the crow into making a sound.

The crow felt really happy to hear the fox's compliments. It thought it might indeed have a sweet voice. Plus, the fox's words made the crow curious to prove itself. So, the crow began to caw loudly. As it started cawing, the piece of meat slipped from its beak and fell to the ground. Quickly, the fox grabbed the meat and ate it. The crow suddenly understood its mistake.

The foolish crow had taken that piece of meat from a butcher's shop, risking its safety. But now, it could only watch sadly as the reward for its hard work was taken away by the clever fox.
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