A Garment Worker Paragraph

A Garment worker in our country's clothing factories, like Shakina or Rahima, lives a really tough life. Her day starts very early in the morning and finishes around 10 p.m. She heads to her workplace at about 7 a.m., often walking with other girls who work there. Sometimes she has to take a crowded public bus to reach her factory. On the way there, she hears mean words from different people. Others feel sorry for her and say unkind things. It's really sad for her. The factory isn't a nice place for her. She works in small, packed rooms without a proper seat. Sometimes she has to stand on her feet all day. She eats a simple lunch with her colleagues at the factory, and most days she brings lunch from home. She gets a short break of thirty minutes, but she can't have a good lunch in that time. She works at the factory for many hours, sometimes until very late at night, like 9 or 10 p.m. Even though she works so much, she doesn't get paid fairly. She prefers working in a factory instead of a home, but the long hours make her sick sometimes. She's used to working too much, so she gets tired and bored of her job. Many of her co-workers are nice, but the male co-workers aren't. They feel envious of her working independently and sometimes try to bother her. Despite working hard all day, her future still seems uncertain.
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