A Gready Farmer Story

The story is about a man who was really greedy. He had a special goose that laid eggs made of gold. This made him really happy. As time went on, he got even greedier and thought that the goose's belly must be full of eggs. But the goose actually only laid one golden egg each day. So, getting rich would take some time.

He got the idea that if he could open up the goose's belly, he could take out all the eggs at once and become rich quickly. He talked about this plan with his wife, but she warned him not to be so greedy. Sadly, he didn't listen to her advice. He got a knife and cut open the goose's belly. To his surprise, there were no eggs inside at all. He had hoped to get all the eggs and become rich in an instant, but it didn't work out that way. Instead of becoming rich, he lost the goose and became poor. He realized that being too greedy had brought bad luck to him.
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