A Journey by Bus Composition

Going on a bus trip is really nice. It's a good way to feel relaxed. Last month, I had the chance to go on a bus trip. It was my aunt's 40th birthday, and my uncle invited all of us, our close family members.

We rented two buses for two days. I got on the front bus with my parents. The drivers checked the buses' engines and then started them. We began our journey at 10 am. At first, the buses were moving slowly because we were passing through the town. After half an hour, we crossed a bridge and reached our destination.

I enjoyed looking at tall trees with green leaves. The green paddy on both sides of the roads looked like a green carpet. I saw farmers plowing their lands and children catching fish from the still water. As the day turned to evening, cowboys were heading home on their bullocks, and farmers were carrying their plows on their shoulders.

Around 7 o'clock, I could see my uncle's big house, which looked like a temple. Our buses stopped in the yard of a building. My uncle and aunt came to welcome us.

It was the best journey of my life. I enjoyed it so much that the memory of the trip will always stay fresh in my heart.
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