A Journey By Bus I Have Made Composition

Travel always makes me happy. When I go on a trip, my heart jumps with joy. One day, my friend Sohel, who works in Khulna, invited me to visit him there. I was excited and gladly accepted the invitation.

On September 5th, I boarded a bus bound for Khulna from Gabtali bus stand in Dhaka. I had bought my ticket the day before. The bus was scheduled to depart at 7 am, so I arrived at the bus stand at 6 am. The seats on the bus were comfortable, and luckily, I got a window seat. The weather was sunny as the bus left at 7 am.

The bus picked up speed, and soon we left the noise and chaos of the city behind. We passed through the Savar road, enjoying the beautiful green fields, orchards, and trees on both sides of the highway. I also admired the Jahangir Nagar University campus, the Savar Dairy Firm, and the Savar Cantonment. It was a delight to see the natural beauty around us.

The most exciting part of the journey was crossing the mighty Padma River on a ferry. After about an hour and a half, we reached Aricha, where the driver asked us to get off the bus and board the ferry. The sight of boats and launches on the calm river water was relaxing. Some vendors at the ferry ghat were selling fruits, snacks, betel leaves, and cigarettes. Some passengers bought snacks to munch on during the ride. Crossing the river with a gentle breeze was very pleasant.

After crossing the river, we reached Daulatdia ghat and got back on the bus. The bus picked up speed again and passed through Rajbari, Faridpur, Magura, and Jhenaida on the way to Jessore town, which we reached around 2 pm. I enjoyed the natural beauty along the highway on either side. Some passengers got off at Jessore. Finally, at 3.30 pm, we arrived in Khulna, where Sohel was waiting for me at the bus stand.

The journey brought me great pleasure, and it became one of the most memorable days of my life. I will cherish this trip in my heart.
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