A Just Ruler and A Brave Quazi Story

A Good King and a Brave Judge

Once upon a time in Bengal, there was a great ruler named Gias Uddin Azam Shah. He was known for being kind and fair. He really enjoyed going hunting in the forests. One day, he went hunting in a nearby jungle. He tried to shoot a young deer, but his arrow missed and accidentally hit a boy who was standing in the jungle. The boy died because of the arrow. This was a really sad situation because the boy was the only son of a widow. He was her only source of hope and happiness. The widow was devastated by her son's sudden and early death caused by a powerful ruler's mistake. She couldn't control her feelings because she had lost her only family.

Feeling very upset, the widow went to a judge called the Quazi. She told the Quazi what had happened and asked for help to get justice. The Quazi was a very serious judge at that time. He called the ruler to come to his court and explain what had happened. People who cared about the ruler and people who worked for the Quazi were surprised when they heard this. They asked the Quazi to change his mind, but he was determined to make sure that justice was done. So, Gias Uddin Azam Shah came to the Quazi's court and admitted that he had made a mistake. The Quazi told him that he had to give money to the widow as a way to make things right. Gias Uddin Azam Shah immediately did what the Quazi said and paid the money.

When Gias Uddin Azam Shah was leaving the court, he showed his sword to the Quazi and said, "If you didn't do your job as a judge because you were afraid of me, I would have punished you with this sword." Then the Quazi showed a stick to the ruler and said, "If you didn't follow my decision, I would have punished you with this stick." The ruler was very happy to hear this response from the Quazi. In reality, during that time in Bengal, the legal system was fair, and the rulers were also fair and noble.
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